Oregon Department of Forestry

Wildland Fire Statistics

These reports are based upon statistical wildland fires for which the Oregon Department of Forestry has jurisdiction.  The Department protects about 16 million acres of private and public forestland.

 Please select a report and click on the link.  The reports are generated "on the fly" and sometimes take a short while to execute.  The data is taken directly from the Department's FIRES database.  Most reports allow you to view data for a specific time period, county, ODF district, and/or fire cause.


Situation: Daily and Year To Date (YTD) Fire Summary
Number of fires and acres displayed by human and lightning cause.


Fire Causes Reports
All causes.


Fire list: Listing of fires for view or download
This list includes the fuel model.


Fire Family Plus


Please note: Some of the statistics are not up to date pending fire investigations.